Are my Email Contacts Automatically Saved to my Zola Suite Contacts?

Are my Email Contacts Automatically Saved to my Zola Suite Contacts?

Anyone you send email to or receive email from will be saved to the autosaved contacts list from your email provider, but they will not be saved to Zola Suite.  If you'd like to save a contact for a person that sent you an email, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the email client Zola Suite. When previewing an email in your inbox, look to the right of the sender's name/email address and you will see a + button, click it.
  2. This will open a New Contact Modal where you can fill out the contact details and save them to Zola Suite. The name and email address of the contact will prefill in the Contact Card.

    Note: Contacts do not sync between email providers and Zola Suite. Zola Suite can perform a one-time import of contacts.

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