Can I add time entries that are not billed to the client

Can I add time entries that are not billed to the client?

You can either set a time entry to "No charge" or "No charge don't show". Both of these two options mean that your client won't be charged for the time, but they do have differences when it comes to billing. To make sure you are choosing the correct option, take a look at their differences below:

No Charge: The time will be saved with the entered rate, but a 100% discount will be applied. When you generate an invoice from Unbilled Activity it will be included on the invoice with this discount.

No Charge Don't Show: The entry will show in the time section, but will not be available to be added to a new invoice. It also will not affect areas such as Uninvoiced Time totals or the dollar amount totals in the Work In Progress report.

*Any Matters listed with a billing option of Flat Fee Based Only, Contingency Only, or Not Billable will automatically have No Charge Don't Show selected when creating new Time Entries.

Not sure how to add a time entry? Take a look at this video.
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