Can I Control the Metrics Up at the Top?

Can I Control the Metrics Up at the Top?

At this time, the metrics at the top cannot be changed. In the future, we plan to introduce more granular reporting so you have greater insight on the operations and case management of your firm. Stay tuned for this great improvement, and so many others, headed your way in the months ahead!
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    • What Does the Search Bar at the Top of the Page Do?

      The search bar at the top is called the Universal Search which will look throughout Zola Suite for entries that match your search. You can use this as a search tool, or as a conflict check for your cases. For example, typing "John" in the box, it ...
    • What is meant by billable hours and actual hours in the chart at the top of the page?

      Actual hours do not show work rounded up (this is set under “My Settings in the “Billing Options” section) and reflect the exact number of minutes worked. The billable hours contain the rounded up numbers that were billed to the client.
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    • Is There a Way to Print Out My Calendar?

      Yes, you can export any view of your Calendar to a PDF document by clicking on the "Export to PDF" button located on the top left corner.
    • How do I edit a Contact I have added?

      Click on the 3 vertical dots located in the top right corner. Click View/Edit.


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