Can I delete the auto suggested contacts in Email?

Can I delete the auto suggested contacts in Email?

When composing or replying to an Email in Zola Suite, users will see a number of suggested Contacts in the "To," "CC," and "BCC" fields. These contacts cannot be deleted when you see them populate, but they are being suggested because they are tied to the selected Matter, are firm users, or are saved Contacts in Zola Suite. 
  1. Go to the Zola Suite Email Client and choose the Matter you wish to associate with your Email. This will bring up a list of suggested Contacts, and Matter Contacts will also display the Matter Role assigned:
  2. If a user wishes to save a Contact attached to an incoming Email there will be a small "+" next to the email address of the sender. Pressing this button will allow the user to quickly save the contact.

Note: Contacts do not sync between Email providers and Zola Suite. They do need to be added to Zola Suite manually.

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