Can I Recover a Deleted Matter or Documents?

Can I Recover a Deleted Matter or Documents?

There may be times where you need to recover a Matter or Document that has previously been deleted. It may have been deleted in error, or there may still be open AR associated with the Matter that needs to be addressed. Whatever the reason, you can easily view and restore deleted Matters and Documents. 

In order to view deleted Matters, go to the Matter List and select "Deleted".

Once in the Deleted section, you will have the option to restore the Matter or Documents.


Deleted Documents can be found in the Documents section by selecting the "Deleted" option on the Documents Toolbar.

Simply select "Restore" and your Matters or Documents will re-appear in Zola Suite.

Please be advised that documents and matters are available to be restored for 30 days after the date of deletion. Past those 30 days, it is not guaranteed that those documents and matters can be restored.

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