Can I Upload Time Entries and Expenses from a Spreadsheet?

Can I Upload Time Entries and Expenses from a Spreadsheet?

You can now easily import a spreadsheet with time entries and expenses through your Zola Suite account without the assistance of Zola’s migration team. Contact us for copies of these import templates.

Once you have filled out your Time or Expenses within the template, use the Import option available in the Time and Expenses section. This can be done directly within the Matter, or from the general Time page.

Templates require the data filled in to match the data you have in your Zola Suite Account. This includes Matter No.'s, timekeeper names, and Work Types.

Template Examples:


If time is NC or NCDS, put a T to indicate True, or F to indicate False

If you are looking to move multiple time entries from one matter to another, you'll want to make sure you copy the 'Actual' time column from Zola Suite and paste it as the duration in the import template. Zola Suite will automatically use the increments set on the matter level to fill in the 'billable' time column in Zola Suite upon import.


If the expense is Billable, enter True. If it is not billable, enter False.

If any of the data is not accepted, Zola Suite will provide you with the records that failed to upload. There is an option to download only the failed records and update them.

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