Can I change the way my Matter numbers are formatted?

Can I Change the Way My Matter Numbers are Formatted?

  1. Go to the Firm Settings of your account. 

  1. Go to Matters & Contacts > Matter Options

If you're moving over from another practice management program and have a numbering system in place, you can start where you left off by selecting to Set starting matter number. Enter in the next number of your sequence into the Starting number field, this will be the next Matter Number created in Zola Suite.

To change the formatting of your Matter Number, select another option from the Format drop down. If you would like to manually create your Matter Numbers, select the option for Matter Name. With this option, what you enter in as the Matter Name for a new Matter will also be used for the Matter Number.

3. Once you have made your needed changed, hit Save.

Please note: This change will only be applied to Matters created in the future, no current matters will be changed retroactively to this format.

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