Copy Contact Information With One Click

Copy Contact Information With One Click

Say you wanted to provide a contact list for the title agent who is conducting your real estate closing. Did you know that you can copy contact information onto a clipboard from the Contact section? It's a snap, go to the contacts section from the left column menu and hover over the three dots on the right side of the contact card and click on “Copy”. Then paste it anywhere - an email, a note, a document or somewhere else - and voila!

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    • How Can I Copy Contact Information with One Click?

      Zola Suite offers a feature to copy all contact information to your clipboard in text format. The contact information will include the name, address, and phone number. You can find the copy feature by going to the contacts section, clicking on the ...
    • How can I Duplicate Contact Information?

      Often times you may need to add a new Contact with the same information as an existing Contact. Instead of manually copying and pasting their details, including phone numbers, email, and addresses, you can simply close the existing Contact and make ...
    • Can I Move or Copy Documents From One Matter to Another?

      If you uploaded Documents to the incorrect Matter or would like to have the same Document copied in multiple Matters, Zola Suite makes it easy! You can, you do this by Clicking on the three dots Select "Move/ Copy to Matter" Select the new ...
    • How Do I Remove a Contact From a Matter?

      You can remove a Contact from a Matter in the Contacts tab of that specific Matter. As seen below, select the menu button of the Contact and click Remove from Matter.
    • How Can I Use Contact Tags?

      Zola Suite includes a tagging feature that can be used to help categorize and search for Contacts. This feature can be used within the contacts section to create and export contact lists. A tag is a self-building library of keywords that the system ...


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