Does Zola Suite allow me to save an email signature? How can I create one?

Does Zola Suite Allow Me to Save an Email Signature? How Can I Create One?

Yes, Zola Suite allows you to save multiple email signatures to be included in outgoing messages. 

To set yours up:

  • Go to "My Settings" and scroll down to "Email Signatures". Here you will find the option to edit your account settings and input email account information, including your email signature(s). 

  • Select the (+) sign to create a new signature. When you have finished it, be sure to click Save Signature.
  • After the signature has been added, be sure to hit save within your My Settings as well.

Signatures support inline images. TO insert an image file sinly drag and drop it or copy and paste it into the  signature field.

If you have an existing signature in Outlook or Gmail, simply select the whole signature, copy and paste it into Zola.

When drafting a new email, you will be able to select the signature you'd like to use from a drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.

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