How do I generate LEDES Invoices?

How do I generate LEDES Invoices?

To generate a LEDES Invoice, you will need to make sure UTBMS Codes are enabled in your Firm Settings as well as in the Matter you wish to bill.

  1. Go to Firm Settings

  2. Click on Billing & Accounting Options.

  3. Under Billing Options, you will be able to select the UTBMS Codes you wish to activate

  4. Go to the Matter Details Page of the Matter you would like to enable UTBMS code on

  5. Click on the Matter Options Tab

  6. Enable the UTBMS Codes for that Matter

  7. Generate your New Invoice

  8. Once the invoice is created, select the 3 vertical dots to the right of the invoice.

  9. Select Print LEDES

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