How Can I Change a Date Created through a Calendar Rule?

How Can I Change a Date Created through a Calendar Rule?

If you create Events and deadlines using Zola Suite's integration with LawToolbox, you may need to update it or change the series at some point. Here are some tips on different ways you can edit your Events.

1) Changing an individual Event or Deadline

After the events have been added to the Calendar, you can edit any of the events by either going to that date on the Calendar or by going to the Event List for that Matter. Simply double click on the Event to make edits.

Here you can change the date, time, category or any other details regarding this event. You can also invite other users to the Event.

2) Editing the Rule Set

When editing an individual Event from a rule set, clicking on "Open Related Calendar Rules" will reopen the rule set you originally used to create this series. From here you can select any Events that were left unchecked to create them, or uncheck ones that you no longer want.

3) Editing the Trigger Date

If you want to edit the Trigger Date, you will need to delete the existing series and create a new one. To delete the existing series, click on "Open Related Calendar Rules" and click on the trash can icon.

If you wish to maintain some of the events in the series up to a certain date, deselect all of the events after that, then create a new ruleset for that Matter using a different Trigger Date.

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