How Can I Connect My Email Using Modern Authentication?

How Can I Connect My Email Using Modern Authentication?

If you are using a Microsoft Exchange hosted email, but are not using Office365 as your Microsoft email provider, the following steps will walk you through how to grant the Zola Suite Email Client permission to Authenticate. Doing so will allow you to keep your email sync intact even if you make changes to your email account. 

  1. As a prerequisite, have one user attempt to register their email. They will most likely be present with a screen prompting for admin access. This will create an entry in Active Directory.
  1. Be sure to select the Office 365 option when authenticating if it is not automatically detected.


  1. Browse to Enterprise Applications within Azure AD

  1. After one user attempts to register this should create an entry under all Enterprise Applications for “Zola Suite Email Sync”. Identify the O365 app (Client ID will be 267273a1-9fa4-43a8-9f61-690f769bf634) and select the app name to access the Application Details. It is possible the app name may differ from our screenshot.

  2. Under the Security section on the left sidebar select “Permissions”

  3. Grant admin consent on that screen.

After the above steps are completed, we can attempt to register other firm users. The additional users (Admin or Non-admin) should no longer require consent to these permissions.

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