How Can I Schedule a Training Session?

How Can I Schedule a Training Session?

You can schedule a training session with one of our Product Experts by clicking here:

Select Your Product: CARET Legal
Select Your Service: Product Training

You can pick from the following sessions:
  1. Overview (1.5 hrs)
All Users- A Day in the life of CARET Legal. Topics include Navigation and toolbars, Email, Calendar, Tasks, CRM overview, Matters/Matter Details, Documents, Time and Expense entry.

  1. Accounting & Billing (1.5 hrs)
Billing personnel- Reviewing billable activity (time/flat fee/expenses), Writing Checks, Generating invoices and applying payments, Vendor Bills, Banks & Registers, review of Accounting Reports.

  1. Document Automation (30 min)
All Users- A focused look at how to use document automation in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat as well as CARET Legal’s Intake Forms to streamline the collection of data and use it to automate document creation to save time. Please bring a document that you wish to create a template.

  1. Advanced Automation (30 min)
HotDocs in CARET Legal

  1. Firm Settings (1 hr)
Administrators/Office Managers Only-Walk through of Firm Setting section and review administrative options.

  1. Q&A (30 min)
All Users- This is a 30-minute open forum call to address the Firm's various questions and concerns. Please bring a list of questions to the call or provide a list of questions to your Onboarding Specialist in advance of the call to ensure we are addressing your questions/concerns as efficiently as possible.

  1. CRM (30 min)
All Users- A focused look at best practices to maximize CARET Legal’s CRM feature so that you can track and manage leads.

  1. Payments (1 hr)

*Requires an active/approved CARET Payments

This training session will introduce the learner to the CARET Payments within CARET Legal. During this session, participants will join the trainer in setting up & configuring CARET Payments, as well as discuss payment workflow options and answer any questions directly related to CARET Payments and payment processing. 

Additionally, topics related to payment processing will also be covered, based on user workflow needs. These topics may include, invoice creation, additional payment options, and general billing features. 

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