How Can I Schedule Events Based on a Specific Number of Days?

How Can I Schedule Events Based on a Specific Number of Days?

With our new Calculate the Date feature, Zola Suite can help you determine future or past event dates with the option to exclude weekends and federal holidays.

When creating a New Event in Zola Suite, you will notice an option for "Calculate."

The Date Calculator will allow you to choose the original date you wish to start from, then fill in the Adjustment. For example, you may want to calculate 30 days from today. This section will also allow for negative days, so if you wish to set it 30 days prior to a particular date, you can do that as well.

You can account for weekends and holidays, move an event to the next workday if it falls on a weekend, and add additional days to account for mail delivery.

Each user can save these settings to be used as a template moving forward — a great addition to custom court rules.

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