How Can I Use Contact Tags?

How Can I Use Contact Tags?

Zola Suite includes a tagging feature that can be used to help categorize and search for Contacts. This feature can be used within the contacts section to create and export contact lists.

A tag is a self-building library of keywords that the system will remember and allow you to use over and over.

To add a new tag, open a new or existing Contact card and type in the word you wish to use as a tag. After typing the full word in be sure to hit enter so the tag sticks.

If you already have a tag you want to use, simply select it from the dropdown. You can begin to type the word to pull it up more quickly.

Tags can be used to filter your contact list by opening the Advanced Search bar and selecting one or more tags.

You can then export the results of your search to an excel spreadsheet or a pdf print out.

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