How Do I Add Credit Card Activity and Payments to Zola Suite?

How Do I Add Credit Card Activity and Payments to Zola Suite?

Several ways to capture Credit Card Activity and Payments in Zola Suite are described below.

If you have not done so already, be sure to Add the Credit Card to your Banks and Registers.

1- Non-Billable Credit Card Activity can be added through Journal Entries.

2- New Non-Billable Activity can also be added through the Download and Review Feed.

2- Recording Billable Activity to your Credit Card Register:
      a. From Banks & Registers, click on the plus sign on the green toolbar.

Simply fill in the details of the credit card transaction.

Here you can create multiple line items and billable charges to clients

      b. From Expenses, click on the plus sign and select "New Credit Card (Hard Cost)"

This will allow you to add the activity. Repeat this process until all line items have been added.

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