How Do I Create Calendar Rules?

How Do I Create Calendar Rules?

You can create automated Calendar Events based on the rules calculated within LawToolBox. You can also choose a default set of Reminders for all Events created from LawToolBox.

  1. In order to set up these Events, go to the Calendar, and select the Plus sign on the right-hand side of the red toolbar and choose "Create New Calendar Rule."

  2. Fill in the required fields, including the Matter, State, Rule Set, and Trigger Date:

  3. Once the Required Fields are filled in select "Get Deadlines."

  4. Select the Events you wish to create.

    This will create Events on your Calendar only for the selected dates.

  5. Once you save the selected Events, you can view or edit them on your Calendar by going to that date OR by viewing the Event list in the Matter Details Page.

If you wish to add dates that were not originally selected:

  1. Edit one of the Events that was previously created and select "Open Related Calendar Rules."

  2. Check off any additional Events you wish to add and select Update.

  3. This will create the rest of the Events, which can be found on the Calendar or under the Events tab of the Matter.

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