How Do I Create Folder Structures For Documents and Notes?

How Do I Create Folder Structures For Documents and Notes?

Zola Suite gives you the ability to customize your default folder structures for both your Notes and Documents sections. This will help keep you stay better organized, as each folder structure is specific to a particular Practice Area. 

  1. To create your default folder structures,  go to Firm Settings, click the Documents and Notes section, and select "Default Folders."

  2. Click on the Practice Area you would like to create or edit. 

  3. Right-click the root folder to create a new subfolder. Right-click the subfolder to create a folder within the folder, delete, or rename the folder. 

Creating a default folder structure under your specific practice areas will automatically create that same folder structure under each newly created matter that is associated with that practice area. Please note that pre-existing matters will not be updated to reflect newly created folder structures.

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