How Do I Disassociate an Email From a Matter?

How Do I Disassociate an Email From a Matter?

With Zola Suites email feature, you are able to assign an email to a matter. If you assign the email to an incorrect Matter or you just do not want the email saved anymore, you can unlink/delete the email.

If the email is still stored in your email account:

  • Locate the Email inside of the main Email section

  • Click on the minus sign next to the Matter name to remove from the Matter

  • This will unlink the email from the matter and delete the copy of the email that is stored in communications section of the matter

If you do not have the email stored in your email account anymore:

  • Go to the 'Communications' section inside of the Matter

  • Click on the trashcan icon inside of the email

  • This will delete the copy of the email that is stored in Zola Suite. It will not populate back in your email account if it was deleted

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