How Do I Export My Data Out of Zola Suite?

How Do I Export My Data Out of Zola Suite?

We have made it easy for you to export your core and Accounting data .
To export your Contacts, Calendar data, Time Records, and basic Matter information
  • Go to your Firm Settings

  • Go to 'Your Zola Suite Account' > Export > click 'Download Data'
This export will include contacts, calendar data, time records, and basic matter information in a CSV Excel Format.

To export your Accounting information:
  • Go to the Accounting Section

  • Click on the tab you would like to export data from

  • Click on the Print to PDF or XLS button on the color bars

           You can export the reports by clicking on the report itself.
To export your Documents
  •  Go to the Documents section of a matter > click the Bulk Download icon on the toolbar > select to download the entire matter or the current subfolder
Please note that you will have to export documents within each matter individually.

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