How Do I Generate an Amount for Trust Replenishment on a Client’s Invoice?

How Do I Generate an Amount for Trust Replenishment on a Client’s Invoice?

If your firm requires that clients maintain a specific trust balance, the "Required Trust Balance" can be configured to incorporate that number into the client’s invoice balance.

  1. Under the Matter Options tab, you will find the "Required Trust Balance" field.


  1. When populated, on the invoice pdf, a Trust Retainer Replenishment total will appear in the Statement of Account Summary, letting clients know the replenishment amount that will need to be made.

Please note: While the required Trust Balance will display as part of the clients's Total Amount Outstanding on the Statement of Account Summary, it will not be part of this invoice's AR balance. Clients cannot pay a retainer online through Caseway or via a direct payment link. The retainer will still need to be paid through the New Retainer module. 

In order for the Retainer Replenishment to display on your invoices, you must have "Statement of Account Summary" made visible in your Invoice Customization settings.

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