How do I integrate Worldox with Zola Suite?

How do I integrate Worldox with Zola Suite?

Prior to integrating Worldox with Zola Suite, you must first ensure you are using Worldox Web 3.

The Worldox Web 3 software is included for all Worldox clients with a current maintenance agreement.  If your firm is on Worldox GX4 but has not yet added Worldox Web 3 to your implementation,  you can request your Worldox Web 3 license by sending an email to  If your firm is on an earlier version of Worldox , you can request your upgrade to Worldox GX4 ( and once upgraded, you can add Worldox Web 3. For additional information

Additionally, you must be using one of the following Matter Number options in Zola Suite which includes a Client ID and Matter ID:

Integrating with Zola Suite

Each user will need to connect his/her individual account with Worldox.

To enable the Integration:

  1. Enter My Settings via the dropdown on the far right of any page

  2. Once opened, under Preference select the “Enable Integration..” button.

  3. You will be prompted to supply your Worldox URL/Username/Password **Please note this only needs to be done once**

Creating New Workspaces

With this integration, users can, with a single click, create a matter in Zola Suite, a Matter in Worldox and have the two linked.

To Do So:

  1. Browse to the New Matter Page in Zola Suite

  2. Fill out all required fields

  3. Select the “Map Matter to Worldox” option on the lower right hand side

  4. Select the Cabinet of your choosing

Once created, a Worldox tab will display on the Matter Dashboard, displaying the newly created matter.

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