How Do I Manually Add the Zola Suite CRM Webform to my Website?

How Do I Manually Add the Zola CRM Webform to my Website?

Zola Suite's CRM feature allows you to have leads created for you directly through your website. When a prospective client fills in their information through your online form, their details will automatically show up in Zola CRM.

If you have a WordPress website, you can find more details here.

If you would like to manually add our webform to your website, please use the following guidelines:

Please note:
  • Your token can be found within the CRM Options section of your Zola Suite Account, or by contacting Support.
  • First name and last name are required on the form without them the record will not go through

To Validate Token:

method: POST
parameters: Token (STRING)
return: boolean whether token is valid 

To Submit Lead:

method: POST
parameters: TOKEN (STRING)
    FirstName (STRING)
    LastName (STRING)
    Email (STRING) 
    Phone (STRING) 
    Message (STRING)
    SubmissionUrl (STRING)
    IpAddress (STRING)
    ReferrerUrl (STRING) 
    LandingPage (STRING) 
    VisitorHistory (List of object containing VisitorType (INT, 1=Company, 2=Person), Url (STRING), VisitedDate (DateTime), and TimeSpentOnPage (String))

Example external lead submission using jQuery Ajax call: 

    method: 'POST',
    dataType: 'json',
    data: {
        'Token': '____',
        'FirstName': 'Derek',
        'LastName': 'Jeter',
        'Email': '',
        'Phone': '123-567-6780',
        'Message': 'In need of lawyer asap'
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