Ho do I record a deposit that is not a payment to an invoice?

How Do I Record A Deposit That Is Not A Payment to an Invoice?

Oftentimes, you will have deposits going into your operating account that are not client-related. This could include owner's contributions, donations, interest deposits, or any other payments coming into the firm that are not payments to an invoice These deposits can be recorded in different ways.

  1. You have the option of creating a journal entry . In your journal entry, you will want to debit the operating account this is being deposited to, and credit the appropriate account from the chart of accounts the deposit aligns with.
  2. Zola Suite also has a formal "Deposit" feature that can be accessed by going to the Main Accounting page. On the green toolbar in "Invoices & Payments" click on the plus sign. This will open a series of options you have available:

  3. Under the payments section, select "General Deposit." This will open the deposit module:

  4. After filling in all required fields, click "Apply & Close." This will record the deposit to the register.

The deposit feature will allow you to select " Undeposited Funds " as the To Account for the purposes of creating batch deposits. You can also match activity from your Download and Review feed to these deposits.

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