How do I record owner's equity (contribution/draw)?

How do I record owner's equity (contribution/draw)?

Here is how you can record a contribution to your firm in Zola:
  1. Go to the Bank & Register tab under the Accounting section.
  2. Press the "+" on the top right of the green bar and select "New Journal Entry"
  3. Fill in the date of the transaction
  4. In the first line, select the operating bank account to which you are depositing/withdrawing your contribution/draw.
    1. If this is a contribution, enter the amount of the contribution under the Debit column and leave the Credit at 0.00.
    2. If this is a draw, enter the amount of the draw under the Credit Column and leave the debit column at 0.00
  5. In the second line, select the Owner Equity account.
    1. If this is a contribution, enter the amount of the contribution under the Credit field and leave the Debit at 0.00.
    2. If this is a draw, enter the amount of the draw under the Debit field and leave the Credit at 0.00.
  6. Click Save.

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