How do I re-register my email account in Zola Suite?

How Do I Register My Email Account in Zola Suite?

If you are looking to sync your email account with Zola Suite, change the email account registered, or even restart the connection between your email account and Zola Suite you will need to Re-register.
  • Go to "My Settings"

  • Scroll down to Email Setup and select your email provider.

  • A window will pop up and ask for your email address and password.

    Google or IMAP email
    Microsoft O365 email

  • Once your email is Registered, log out of Zola, clear your cache, and log back in. The sync should be up and running, then you will need to Map your Folders. To do so,

  • Go to "My Settings"

For Exchange users, the Trash folder should be mapped to "Deleted Items" and Spam should be Mapped to "Junk Email"

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