How Do I Scan Documents From a Ricoh MFP to Zola Suite?

How Do I Scan Documents From a Ricoh MFP to Zola Suite?


Zola Suite has an integration with Ricoh Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) to enable scanning and OCRing of documents directly into a Matter's Document section.

Supported Devices

Refer to this document for supported Ricoh devices.  
This integration requires a separate Ricoh Subscription and a Zola Suite Ricoh App on your Device. This process may be different depending on your device. Contact Zola Suite Support for assistance with this step.

How it Works

Each Zola Suite user must be set up individually with their own login to the MFP
  1. When you're ready to scan documents, select the Zola Suite App from your Ricoh Dashboard.

  2. Log in with your Ricoh Smart Integration Account using either your

    1. Email Address and Password

    2. Tenant ID, User ID, and Password

  3. Once logged in, select Scan to Zola Suite.

  4. From here, you will be required to choose a Matter to save the Documents. You can then specify any subfolders within that Matter and update the file name.

  5. Click the green Start button to start scanning directly to Zola Suite. The document(s) will be sent as PDF(s) and can be located within the Matter's Document folder specified above. If it's a text document, it will be automatically OCRd.

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