How Do I Send One Invoice to a Client With Multiple Matters?

How Do I Send One Invoice to a Client With Multiple Matters?

Have your clients asked you if you can send them one invoice for all of their Matters? With the consolidated billing feature, you will be able to send your client 1 invoice for all Matters. This invoice will be broken down by Matter so they can see how each Matter was billed. You will no longer need to send multiple emails/invoices and your client will not be receiving multiple emails/invoices. If your client(s) would like their invoices to be consolidated, you will need to ensure their contact card is set up correctly. 

  1. First, you will go to the Contact Section and find the contact that you need to update. 

  2. Once you have found the contact you would like to update. Click on the 3 vertical dots to the right and select View/Edit. This will open up a smaller module with all the Contact's details. 

  3. Next, you will click on the Billing tab and at the bottom of the billing tab you will see a checkbox for Consolidated billing. You will check this box and then update the contact card. 

Now, when you invoice this client their invoices for all Matters will show up on one invoice. 

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