How do I send reminders to clients that have outstanding balances?

How do I send reminders to clients that have outstanding balances?

Inevitably you will find that you have clients with past due balances that may need a gentle reminder of what they owe you. If you are still working on their matter, this outstanding balance can be displayed on their recent invoices by enabling "Total Matter Balance" or "Total Client Balance" in your Invoice Customizations.

If you need to send out reminders to clients that still have outstanding balances, but do not have any new invoices, we suggest sending out a Statement of Account. A statement of Account can be printed on a per Client/Matter basis from the Reports section. 

If you are looking to do this for multiple clients, we suggest using the Bulk Billing Center. Through the Bulk Billing Center, you can either use the email blast function to send Statements of Account out to clients via email or use the Print option to print a complete set of the statements.

To get a full list of all the clients that have outstanding balances, that do not have any recent invoices, you will want to click on "Bulk Billing Center" on the green toolbar in Invoices & Payments.

If you are looking for a complete list of clients with balances (not just clients where Email PDF is the Delivery Preference) choose the print option, and select Statement of Account.

***The selected date range is important as it will determine which clients should be omitted from this. You will want to choose the most recent billing period in this section. It will then exclude any clients that have balances from the selected date range (i.e. current balances). These clients should have received a new invoice with that invoice date, so they are aware of their balance.
      If you choose "Show All" it will omit anyone with balances within any date range, which you do not want to do.**

After hitting "Next" you will be presented with filter options. These will include the Delivery Preference, Responsible Attorney, Practice Area, Matter, Client, and Billing Group.

*If you already used the email option for blasting the statements, clients with "Email PDF" as the delivery preference would have already received it. You could filter out those clients in the 

Next, You will see a list of all the clients with balances that fall within your filter criteria. You can print those statements by hitting "Print & Close."

This will create one large PDF of all the statements for each of those clients. When the PDF is done being generated, you will get an email with it, but you can also download it from "View Batch Invoices" at the top of your invoice list.

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