How Do I Set up and Review Timekeeper Goals?

How Do I Set up and Review Timekeeper Goals?

Zola Suite offers firms the ability to track goals for timekeepers in order to facilitate forecasting and promoting billable activities to meet the financial objectives of the firm.

What performance goals can be tracked?

You can set goals for:
  1. Billable hours
    1. The billable hours of time entries that are not marked “No Charge” or “No Charge Don’t Show” during the period indicated
  2. Billing amounts 
    1. The dollar value of all time entries that are not marked “No Charge” or “No Charge Don’t Show” during the period indicated.
All goals are on an annual basis.

Where are the goals set for Timekeepers?

Only users with Administrative privileges can set these goals
  1. Go to "Firm Settings"
  2. Select the "Users" tab
  3. Select Edit on a user you would like to add a goal to

  4. Scroll down to “Set Timekeeper Goals” button.

How do I review timekeeper progress?

  1. Go to "Reports"
  2. Under Productivity Reports, select "Timekeeper Goals"

What plans is this feature available on?

Firms on Enterprise and EnterprisePlus accounts.

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