How Do I Set Up Increments for Time-Based Billing?

How Do I Set Up Increments for Time-Based Billing?

Zola Suite supports increments on a per-matter basis and also supports a firm-wide default increment. There are a few methods throughout Zola Suite to set up increments for time-based billing.

  1. Setting increment when creating a new matter
    1. Create a new matter
    2. Under the Billing section, find the Hourly Rate and Increment fields:

  2. Modifying the increment on an existing matter
    1. Navigate to the Matter
    2. Click on the Options tab
    3. Scroll down to Billing Options and find the Hourly Rate and Increment fields

  3. Set Up the Firm's Default Increment
    1. Navigate to Firm Settings
    2. Select Billing & Accounting from the lefthand menu
    3. Click on the Billing Options section and find the Hourly Billing Increment field

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