How do I to Add Group Permissions for Matters?

How do I to Add Group Permissions for Matters?

Do you have Matters and Practice Areas that only a group of users require access to? Not everyone at the firm needs access to a certain practice area and the Matters related to them? Now you have the ability to create groups for permissions. This article will show you to create the groups and also set your Matters up correctly. i.e. if you have a Trademark Matters you can create a group for your trademark team and their group to the Matter(s) and any others that may need permission such as an administrator.

These groups and permissions can only be created if you have administrative permissions and access to Firm Settings.

To create the user groups:
  1. Go to your Firm Settings. This is located to the top right of the static panel - click on the the down arrow next to and then select Firm Settings.

  2. Go to the User & Group tab and then select the Groups tab.

  3. Once you click on the "+" button a new window will come up where you can add a Group. You will need to create new group name, and then add the users to the group. You can add the users by the dropdown and typing the name of the user. Once you have found the user click on the "+" next to their name and then add any other users you will need to. Once the group has all the users that you would like to include click on the save button.

  4. You can now utilize this group in any matter of your liking. To add this group to a Matter you will go to the Matter in question and the "Options" tab. Scroll to the bottom the page to the Permissions section. You will then click on the "Edit Matter Permissions" select the "Custom" button and start to type in the group name in the Users text box.

    You can add as many groups that you would like to the permission level. Using this feature you will be able to ensure that those that need access, have access to the Matters and those that do not need to see it do not.

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