How do I use RPost in Zola Suite?

How do I use RPost in Zola Suite?

Once you have registered an account with RPost, you will be able to use its features in Zola Suite. Type your email as you normally would and instead of clicking Send, click the option to Send Registered

This will open a window where you can choose which options you'd like to use. 

Track & Prove - Proves email delivery status, the time it was delivered and the email content. Serves as legal proof of compliance.
Encrypt - Uses 256-bit AES encryption to deliver your email without forcing the recipient to create an account or leave their inbox.
E-Sign - Converts your document to a ready to print PDF that the recipient can sign.

Once you have selected which option(s) you'd like to use, click Send Email. If applicable, the email will be saved to the Matter's Communications tab.

Each user gets 5 FREE Registered Emails per month. 
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