How do I use tags to search in Matters and Contacts?

How Do I Use Tags or Keywords to Search in Matters and Contacts?

You can add searchable keywords or tags to assist in searching through Matters and Contacts. If you have a Matter or Contact with a similar name or you want to be able to search for specific keywords that are not in the Matter name then you will want to use them.
  • Matters: Matters do not have a specific "tag' Feild but you can add a keyword when creating a New Matter, or under the Options Tab in an existing Matter. Enter the tag in the Description field. Anything within the description is searchable from the Matter list.

  • Contacts: Tags Can be entered on the contact level and be used under the filters when doing an advanced search on the contact page.

  • Searchable keywords can be added under the Contact Notes

Tag words can be used as search categories.

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