How Do I Use the zEditor?

How Do I Use the zEditor?

You may have noticed that when clicking on a .docx file in Zola Suite, the options menu now includes zEditor. zEditor allows you to edit and save .docx files directly within the program without ever having to leave Zola Suite!

Simply click the .docx file you wish to edit, then select zEditor.

This will prompt the .docx file to open with the zEditor, which will have many of the same features as other word processing and document creating software. 

You’ll also notice in the upper right hand corner of the zEditor, a timer is running, allowing you to track every second of the time spent to edit that document! 

Not only will you have the option to save your document, creating a new version in Zola Suite, but you’ll also have the option to Save it right to your computer in either a .docx or PDF format. 

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