How Do I Whitelist Spoofed Emails From Zola Suite to My Domain?

How Do I Whitelist Spoofed Emails From Zola Suite to My Domain?

If your firm has a security protocol to block all incoming emails with the firm domain from any servers outside of the firm's current authorized MX server you may be missing emails sent out by Zola Suite's Invoice Bulk Basting feature where the firm's email address for invoicing is BCCed.

Make sure to whitelist and authorize these server IP addresses in order to make sure you receive these emails:
  1. ip4:
  2. ip4:
  3. ip4:
  4. ip4:
  5. ip4:
  6. ip4:
  7. ip4:
  8. ip4:
  9. ip4:
  10. ip4:
  11. ip4:
  12. ip4:
  13. ip4:
  14. ip4:
  15. ip4:

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