How Do I Write-off a Client Invoice?

How Do I Write-off an Invoice?

What do you do when you know that a client is not able to pay an invoice and you have to write it off as a loss? Zola Suite's new Write-off feature will enable you to write-off this debt and track it as a loss. You will no longer need to provide a courtesy discount to your client (How Do I Add an Invoice Level Discount?). 
  1. Under Matters, select the "Invoice" tab and clicking on the 3 vertical dots to the right to edit the invoice.

    Or go to "Accounting" section, select the "Invoice Payments" tab and click on the 3 vertical dots to the right to edit the invoice.

  2. Once you have clicked on the edit button the invoice will be displayed. Click on the "Action" tab on the top right and select "Write-off" from the dropdown.

  3. Another window will appear. Check the box to write-off the remaining balance of the invoice. Edit the date and add reason for write-off. As a best practice, always enter a reason for your records. This reason will be displayed on the "Write-Off Report."

  4. Select the Save button to save the write-off. Then, save the invoice.

  5. The invoice will be shown as paid and updated with a new subtotal line. Additionally, the write-off will be reflected on the "Write-off Report."

  6. You can view this and other "Write-off" loss/debt in the "Accounting" section. Select the "Reports" tab --> Accounting Reports: "Write-off Report."

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