How Do You Make Journal Entries in Zola Suite?

How Do You Make Journal Entries in Zola Suite?

Journal entries are an essential part of accounting and bookkeeping.

Follow the instructions below to manually add journal entries into the General Ledger
  • Hover over the Accounting menu icon and select Banks and Registers
  • Click the + on the top right of the Register header and select + New Journal Entry
  • Here is where you can add new journal entries with your pre-selected date (remember that all debits and credits must equal out)

Journal Entries are made to both cash and accrual books. However, there are some accounts that are not shown on cash basis, such as, "Accounts Receivable" and "Fee Discounts". In such cases, one side of the journal entry may show up on cash reports while the other side will not. When making journal entries with these non-cash basis account please be wary of the possibility that of these transactions could throw off your books.

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