How Does Zola Suite Handle Phone Calls to be Returned?

How Does Zola Suite Handle Phone Calls to be Returned?

Anytime you have a phone call that needs to be returned, it would be considered a task to a Zola Suite user. 

A classic example would be an instance where a call comes in and the lawyer is unavailable so the secretary or paralegal takes down the caller's information so that the lawyer can return their call. 

The Zola Suite method:
The message or reminder to get back to the caller would be recorded by the secretary as a task assigned to the lawyer with the message in the description field. The Secretary would also be able to set reminders for the lawyer and alerts for himself/herself to follow up. Once the call is returned the lawyer would be able to record his/her phone call as a communications entry to that matter.

When creating a phone call related note, be sure to select the "Phone Call" option below the description box. See below:

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