How do I create a Document Template?

How Do I Create a Document Template?

Document Templates are Word and PDF documents that you can use over and over again, but with specific details changing from Matter to Matter. These templates are used to create a new document. An example might be a letter where you wish to have the client's name and address automatically be filled in.

Follow the steps below to get started:
  1.  Either from the main Documents section or from the Documents tab of a Matter, click Document Templates on the purple action bar.

  2.  Go into the Merge Fields tab, here you will see all of the merge fields you can use in document templates. They are broken up by type: Firm Information, Matter information, Matter-Related Contact Information, and Custom Fields. The values for the Intake Forms merge fields are what were inputted for the Matter in the Intake Forms tab of the Matter.

  3.  Open Microsoft Word or your PDF Creator and start creating your Document. Insert a merge field where you would like the value to show in the document. You can quickly copy a merge field from Zola Suite by clicking the Copy   button to the right of the field. For example, if you'd like to address a client in the document you would add the {{Matter.PrimaryClient.FirstName}} field, as seen below.

  4.  Once you are content with the template you created in Word or your PDF Provider, you will go to the Document Templates tab of the Templates section to upload it to your Templates.

  5.  Once there, click the Upload button on the right side of the purple action bar to upload the template. Make sure to upload a non-protected .docx file

  6.  Here you will be asked to type a File Name and assign it to one of your firm's Practice Areas. Next, click Save Template.

  7.  The Template will now be available to be merged with your Matters.
Each time you generate a new Document using that template, the Merge Field will insert the corresponding value for the chosen Matter.

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