How to Download the Caseway Secure Firm Portal for iOS?

How to Download the Caseway Secure Firm Portal for iOS?

The Caseway Secure Firm Portal is a safe and secure way to access your legal documents and invoices while on the go. You are also able to share documents with the firm using your mobile device. Below are the instructions on how to find the app and customize it to the firm that has invited you to use Caseway. 

Go to the Apple App Store and search for "Caseway Secure Firm Portal" on your mobile device. 
CSFP in Apple App Store

Once you have opened the app on your device you will be prompted to add a firm code**. This firm code will be provided by your firm. Input the firm code in the designated field and click "Validate." You will then see a new window pop-up with the firm's logo. Click "OK" to navigate to the login page. This will be a personalized login page with the firm's logo and name.  


Once you have clicked "OK" you will then use the username and password that you created when you registered for Caseway. You are able to toggle the Remember me and Touch/Face ID on this page.


Going forward you will see the firm's logo when looking for the Caseway app on your phone. You will never again need to add the firm code unless the Caseway app is removed from your iOS device.


**If you do not have the firm code please reach out to the firm that has asked you to download this app. 

Android users can go directly to the Google Play store and search either by Zola Suite, or for the firm name.
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