How to Set Up an iOS Developer Account?

How to Set Up an iOS Developer Account?

In order to place your new Caseway mobile app on the app store, we need the firm to create their own iOS developer account. 

Before you start make sure that you have the following information:
  • Registered Legal Entity Name (Not DBAs, Fictitious Business or Trade names)

  • Firm Main Address

  • Firm Website

  • Credit Card

To start, you must create an iOS Developer account with Apple:
  • Click here to enter Apple iOS Developer Program site 

  • Click Enroll on top of the page

  • Click on Start Your Enrollment on the bottom of the page 

  • Next, you must sign-in using your Apple ID. If you currently don't have an ID, click on Create Apple ID bottom

  • Proceed with entering the required information and click on Continue at the bottom of the page

  • Follow further prompts to submit your account for verification

    • Make sure to set up your account as a Company rather than an individual

    • There is a yearly cost to the iOS Developer Program. Make sure that Automatic Renewal is set up

  • Once the account is verified and completed, add "" to your team as an Admin

    • Login to your Developer Account

    • Click the "User and Access" option on the bottom right

    • Then click on the "+" on the right to add Zola Suite as an admin

    • Enter "" in the "Invite as Admins" field

For further Apple support check their support site

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