Does RPost Offer Discounts?

Does RPost Offer Discounts?

As a Zola Suite Subscriber, you are entitled to 5 free registered emails per month.

If you wish to purchase more emails, you can sign up for an account through RPost. 

You can view more details about pricing and special offers here
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    • What is an Encrypted Email?

      Email encryption is a process that disguises the content of email messages to protect its contents from being read by anyone other than the intended recipients. RMail uses 256-bit AES encryption and provides options for secure end-to-end delivery. If ...
    • Can I Send an Email in a Secure Fashion?

      You can surely send a confidential message using RMail encryption technology available to you directly on the email page without leaving Zola Suite environment.  Click here for instructions  Whenever you send any email message using the RMail/Zola ...
    • Does the Email Recipient Know That the Email is Being Tracked?

      It’s up to you. When you send a Registered Receipt™ email, you have the option of including a “Registered Email” banner or can use the “unmarked” sending option to retain the appearance of a standard email.
    • How Do I Use RMail in Zola Suite?

      Once you have registered an account with RMail, you will be able to use its features in Zola Suite. Type your email as you normally would and instead of clicking "Send," click the option to "Send Registered."  This will open a window where you can ...
    • Why Should I Use R-Mail?

      R-Mail allows you to send important documents through encrypted emails. It also provides tracking information, proof of delivery that will stand up in court, electronic signatures, and large file transfer. For more information click here. 


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