How to set up NetDocuments

How Do I Set Up NetDocuments?

The below steps will walk you through some updates that will need to be made in your NetDocuments account, so you can access files stored in NetDocuments right through your  Zola Suite account.

  1. In the Admin section of your NetDocuments account, select the menu option in the upper-left corner (three horizontal lines)
  2. Click Profile Attributes

  3. Click Create and add an attribute for "Client" (must use lookup table):

  4. After creating the Client profile attribute, add a profile attribute for "Matter" (this too requires “use  lookup table”, and should set "Link to parent" to Client)

  5. Additionally create a Profile Attribute for Responsible Attorney, Practice Area, and Location. All Should be of type Text and Use lookup Table

    The below steps will be required for any Cabinets you wish to use in Zola Suite.

  6. At the top left, click on Define workspace templates
  7. Set the following:
  • For "Base workspaces on this attribute", select "Matter"
  • Check the “Enable workspaces in this cabinet”
  • Click “Save Templates”

Integrating within Zola Suite

Each user will need to integrate his/her individual account with NetDocuments.

To Enable the Integration:

    1. Enter My Settings via the dropdown on the far right of any page
    2. Once opened, under Preference select the “Enable Integration..” button
    3. You will be prompted to supply your NetDocuments Username/Password
      Please note this only needs to be done once

Creating New Workspaces

With this integration, users can, with a single click, create a matter in Zola Suite, a workspace in NetDocuments, and have the two linked.
To see all options in the below steps, you need to have rights and privileges to create NetDocuments workspaces. Please reach out to your NetDocuments administrator to confirm these settings. 
  1. Browse to the New Matter Page in Zola Suite
  2. Fill out all required fields
  3. Select the “Map Matter to NetDocuments” option on the lower right-hand side
  4. Select the Cabinet of your choosing

  5. Once created a NetDocument tab will display on the Matter Dashboard, displaying the Workspace for that matter.

Linking Existing Workspaces to Matters

In a case where you have an already existing Workspace in NetDocuments and would like to integrate that with an existing Matter in Zola Suite, take the following steps: 
  1. Enter the Matter Dashboard for the selected Matter
  2. In the NetDocuments tab, select the Cabinet and Workspace to Link

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