Set Up Text Reminders

Set Up Text Reminders

Did you know that some of the leading time-management gurus recommend that you schedule time to read and respond to emails? While we highly recommend this strategy, it won’t work if your calendar and task reminders are sent via email. How effective is it to receive a reminder of an appointment taking place at 10:00 AM if you don’t check your email until 4:00 PM? This is why we give you the option of adding SMS text notifications. You can set up SMS texts by adding your cell number to your User Profile. Receive SMS reminders before a task is due or an event takes place.

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    • How Do I Create Default Reminders for Calendar Events?

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    • How do I set up my Zola Suite SMS notifications?

      Navigate to My Settings Locate Notification text box and enter your number.  Be sure to save the changes.
    • How do I set up Reminders for Events?

      1. When creating a New Event, click "Add a reminder" 2. From the drop down, select the type of reminder you want Zola to send you. They can be via SMS, Email or a Popup notification in Zola. 3. When do you want to receive the reminder? Set the time ...
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