Time Entry Rules

Time Entry Rules

CARET Legal offers the ability to limit Time Entries from using pre-selected words that may cause the invoice to be rejected.

In many areas of law, most frequently with corporate clients or during the LEDES upload process, bills are scanned and will return errors when certain compliances are met.  
For example, a corporate client may not pay for research of any kind. When receiving LEDES bills their upload provider will scan for the words “Research” “Researching” “Researched”, rejecting any invoices that contain these words. To help mitigate this issue we have introduced Time Entry Rules, a way to apply Client or Matter Level rules, prohibiting the use of selected words or Phrases 

Creating Time Entry Rules

1) Browse to Firm Settings -> Billing & Accounting -> Time Entry Rules 

2) Select + sign to create a new rule.


3) Supply a rule name and the many components of the Time Entry Rule. 

    1. --> Select Save 


Applying a Time Entry Rule to a Contact

1) Create a new Contact, or open an existing Contact for editing

2) Browse to the Billing Tab 

3) Select the + sign to assign an existing Time Entry Rule to the contact 

Once applied the one-to-many TERs will auto-populate on new matters for this client. 

Applying a Time Entry Rule to a New Matter 

1) Enter New Matter Page 

2) Under Billing Option there will be a Time Entry Rule section 

3) Select the + sign to assign an existing TER to the matter 

Applying a Time Entry Rule to an Existing Matter

1) Select the existing Matter you want to apply the TER to.

2) Under options there will be a Time Entry Rule section 

3) Select the + sign to assign an existing TER to the matter 

When a Time Entry Rule is violated, the user will see an error message.

Deleting Time Entry Rules

Users will see all matters where the Time Entry Rule is applied when attempting to delete. Users can unapply on this screen, allowing them to then delete. 


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