What is a Timekeeper Productivity Report?

What is a Timekeeper Productivity Report?

The Timekeeper Productivity Report is where you will be able to review a summary of all the billable and non billable hours broken down by timekeeper within a selected date rang.  You can also review the realization rates organized by the timekeeper. 

Within this report, you will have the ability to utilize all of the filters you see below.

Below are all of the data columns that you are able to see based on the filter selections above. At the bottom of the report, you will notice in black are all of the totals for each column.

Admin, NCDS, No Charge and Billable time will correspond to the total of those time entry types on the time list for the selected date range.
Adjusted Time and Adjusted Amount reflect the total amount of time and amounts billed for that date range that are present on invoices. This takes manual edits to the duration or rate (when "Update Time Entry" is not checked off) into account.
The Realized Amount is the amount that has been collected on the time worked during the selected date range. The Realization Rate is the percentage of how much has been collected compared to how much was worked. Realized amounts are based on the work date, not collected date. 

If you would like to print or download the report, at the top of the page you have the options to export to a CSV file or print to a PDF.

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