Trust Checks - When and How to Use it

When and how do I use trust checks?

If you need to make disbursements directly out of funds in trust for a particular matter, you can use the Trust Check feature. Zola Suite does not allow you to use the standard Check/Hard Cost window to draw from a trust account.

To create a trust check:

  • Click the "+" at the top right for your quick add menu you will see 2 options at the bottom, "New Check" (only for operating accounts) and "New Trust Check" (only for trust accounts).
  • Select "New Trust Check" and a window pop up. Once completed click one of the save options.

Special Features of Trust Check:

  1. Forces selection of a Matter (and only a single Matter per check).
  2. Does not allow you to draw more than the amount in Trust for that Matter.
  3. Keeps your Matter/Trust Ledger in properly in balance.  You can view your Matter Ledger under the Matter Ledger tab under the Matter page.

When to Use a Trust Check:

  1. When making disbursements directly for a matter expense such as court fees.


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