What are intake forms used for, and how do I create one?

What are "Intake Forms" Used For, and How do I Create One?

In CARET Legal, the "Intake Forms" are used to record specific Matter related data which can either be collected from the client or filled in manually. The data can then be used to create Merge Fields for Document Templates.

Intake forms can be created by:
  • Going to your Firm Settings and selecting Custom Fields & Intake Forms -- Intake Forms.

  • Select the + located on the grey bar

  • You will need to choose a name for the Intake Form you are creating, and choose a Practice Area. Practice Area is for saving purposes only. The form can be used for any Matter regardless of Practice Area.
    • Fields can be any combination of text, paragraph, checkboxes, multiple choice, date, dropdown menu, time, number, Contact, website, email address, price or address.

  • Select save.

To use an intake form:
  • Go to the Matter you wish to create it for. Within the Matter, you will see a tab labeled "Intake Forms".

  • Select the + on the purple bar, then fill in the required fields by selecting the Practice Area and the Form you wish to fill in.

  • You can then enter all the details specific to this Matter within the fields you created or share blank intake forms with your clients!

NOTE: The 'contact' field types cannot be used if the intake form is going to be used externally.

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