How Do I Use Zola Suite's Date Calculator?

How Do I Use Zola Suite's Date Calculator?

The date calculation tool is integrated into Zola's New Event Modal to allow you to calculate any number of days/weeks/months/years forward or backward from a specified date. For instance, if you need to complete a task 60 days prior to a certain date, you would input "-60" in the adjustment days field. If you need to calculate 60 days after a certain date, you would input "60" in the adjustment days field. You also have the option to account for weekends, Federal Holidays, and dates that fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
  1. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the "Calculate" button when creating a new event as shown below: 

  1. When the Calculate tool is selected, the Date Calculation modal appears as shown below. This is where you can input your desired number of days, weeks, months, or years. You will also have the option to include weekends, federal holidays, move the date to the next workday, and add a specified number of days for mail delivery.
  2. If this criterion is something you use frequently/occurs often, "Save as new template" allows you to add it to the calculation template list for easy access.

  3. The Date calculation templates can be edited or deleted from Firm Settings > Events & Calendar Rules > Date Calculation Templates:

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